Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Revolution Will Be Televised After All.

Cynicism was hauled out into the town square yesterday and shot. (Its dimwitted cousin, irony, was spared execution and exiled to France). And as I watched the whole thing unfold on CNN from a barstool at Philadelphia International Airport, every break to commercial felt like a pie in the face. All of a sudden, the detached, puerile slacker humor that advertising has used to cover its embarrassment for the last decade or so looks ridiculous. Looking around at the upturned faces in the bar, I had the very strong feeling that American self-esteem was recovering very quickly indeed, and one casualty might just be their tolerance for being treated like greedy morons by the people who are trying to sell them things.

Hey, a guy can hope.

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Carla said...

Some thoughts, maybe oversimpified... but hey.
Cynicism is a commodity, but people who are buying into it are in denial. They don't wanna admit they're consumers like everyone else, while they just got sucked into a kind of product category. Cynical brands (Radiohead, Chomsky, extreme enviromentalists and ecoholics, most french films except Amelie, Naomi Klein, conspiracy theories, adbuster, hate to say this..even Banksy whose work i truly love) feed the intellectual ego of most dissapointed idealists who can't rise above whining about being wronged Thing is, it's not that they're wrong. Some make , it's just most of them aren't offering/showing the light at the end of tunnel. Downers.

Optimism is also a commodity, but it's a useful one because it causes progress and advancement. Solution and change. Thank goodness for a huge brand like Obama who made 'hope' undeniably fashionable again.