Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Authors@Google hosts The Orange Code.

Arkadi Kuhlmann and I were invited to speak at an Authors@Google talk in New York last November, and the video was posted yesterday. Authors@Google is kind of like a lunch 'n learn, except lunch gets prepared by, oh, say, Mario Bartali. And the guest speaker is, oh, say, Barack Obama.

Or us.

And lunch really was delicious.


Emma said...

I like the idea of a brand being more of a constitution rather than a means of manipulation. Gives a positive aspect to advertising that many people overlook.

BrandCowboy said...

You got it, Emma!

Here's what gets me up in the morning: I actually think that brands can save the world. They are the commercial equivalent of democracy... they make corporations publicly accountable for their behavior, and they make individuals declare their values when they buy things. They should be a powerful force for sustainability in this world, if we can just get marketers and consumers both to let go of their cynicism and face the responsibilities they each have in the system.