Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shades, jeans and automobiles.

I'm not in the habit of writing codas to these little epistles, but this has been a pretty interesting week.

Of all the brands that I've slagged and celebrated in something over a year of doing this, three stand head and shoulders above the others in the volume of email I got afterward: Mini, Oakley and Cinch Jeans. It warms the cockles of my hard little heart to see people actually get passionate about a brand, even the ones that happen to work for it. (Take that, Naomi). But I think it also points the way to a future forseen by icons like Apple:

In a world where we don't need much and it's getting hard to find a really bad product anymore, brands don't win by trying to sell someTHING. They win by being for someBODY.

Now I'm feeling kind of inspired. If it lasts through lunch, my clients aren't going to know what hit them...

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